Please attend the BCC Meeting on Oct 21, 2014 on the Comp Plan Sanitary Services Changes

Stand Firm for Restoring Septic Rules and more:

  • Restore the 2,000 GPD limit for septic systems outside the urban boundary for our water, our environment, our urban boundary, fiscally conservative planning.  
  • Eliminate package plants outside the urban boundary for the same reasons - pollution, pollution, pollution.
  • Restore the Secondary Urban Service District to a transition, not an urban area, by eliminating option of urban utilities there.

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Or read our page: Septic and Sewer Amendment.

Please attend the "Not All Aboard" Meeting:  Oct 15, 2014, Wednesday, at the Blake Library at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  Congressman Patrick Murphy, Martin County Commission Chair Sarah Heard, Not All Aboard KC Traylor will provide an update and ideas.   Will the Environmental Impact Study ever be completed for our area?  What CAN residents do to STOP an eastern route of All Aboard through Martin County?  How Can residents keep All Aboard being another Big Sugar kind of deal with behind the scene campaign money and lobbying money?  Sponsors:  Martin County Conservation Alliance and The Guardians of Martin County

Be sure to Vote:  November 4th - General Election Voting Day


The Martin County Conservation Alliance website seeks to inform residents about  development projects and Comprehensive Plan amendments which threaten our special Martin County quality of life.  We invite the public to attend our monthly meetings.  Please see our meetings page.
Please become a member of the Martin County Conservation Alliance and stand with us. The state has severely weakened the Growth Management Act, so we must join together and act locally.  It is our best hope of preserving our Martin County difference. 
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